2021 Patio Design Trends That Will Make You Want to Live Outside

With over a year spent at home, many of us have become hyper-aware of the areas of our home that need to be refined and updated. Denver has just started to move up on the temperature spectrum, which leaves us with one thing at the forefront of our minds: patio season! If you haven’t perfected your patio or outdoor living space yet, these tips and trends may be for you. Open-air rooms, multi-use furniture and performance fabrics are some of the leading outdoor design topics this season. Whether you are completing this project on your own or with your trusted designer, read below to learn how you can incorporate these trends into your home oasis.

Seamless Transition Between Indoor and Out

As many have started extending their interior aesthetic into the outdoors, building a bridge between the home and its natural surroundings has become increasingly popular. By incorporating styles and materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, yet still live up to an interior look and feel, you already have the essential building blocks of a dream indoor-outdoor space. 

Our outdoor Coastal Living collection by Universal Furniture embodies a refined and classic style, which is perfect for creating that seamless connection between interior and exterior. If you have plans to open up your room to the outdoors with a gazebo or even a closed-in sunroom, this collection offers pieces that are made to fit any indoor or outdoor space. 

With the right furniture and equipment, such as an outdoor heating system or weather-proof furniture, your new indoor-outdoor space can be utilized year-round as well. Incorporate an outdoor firepit to host cozy conversations during the fall, or an open-air terrace to truly set yourself in the eyes of nature during those warmer months. By making your space accessible for warm or cool weather, your new room will become dynamic in both function and design.

If you’re worried about natural wear-and-tear that comes with maintaining outdoor furniture, there are many options you can choose from to make sure your outdoor furniture is crafted with quality fabrics. Performance fabrics are made from acrylic fibers, which makes them water, moth, mold and mildew resistant. Some of our favorites are the Sunbrella and InsideOut performance fabrics because they offer the same look as an interior fabric, but can be used outdoors as well! We love when designers and their clients are able to come into our showroom and customize their outdoor set, knowing their indoor-outdoor furniture will last for years. 

Luxury Meets Comfort

Missing your old summer vacation spot? Bring resort-like appeal to your outdoor living space by incorporating high-quality furniture with luxurious materials. Start to rethink typical outdoor seating –– standard dining chairs are great for pulling up around an outdoor table, but there’s something about a plush lounge chair or even a hanging swing that encourages sublime relaxation. 

You shouldn’t feel like you have to skimp out on comfort if you want to include luxury within your outdoor project. Our Montauk Outdoor collection embodies modern cozy, chic and everything in between. The new outdoor line includes luxe lounge sets and plush sectionals, perfect for entertaining a group of guests or nestling up with a good book under the sun. 

Fresh Air Design

One of our most essential design tips is to blur the barrier between indoor and out. You don’t want your outdoor space to feel like a separate entity of your home, but rather an extension of your interior space! Take the defined color scheme or texture palette you’ve developed within the interior, and start to layer these elements within the great outdoors. 

The idea is to draw your guests outside with a space that feels just as intimate and cozy as your living room. Adding an indoor-outdoor rug can help incorporate a sense of intimacy, while accent lighting is great for those who want to entertain on warm summer nights. 

For an open-air feel, covered terraces with drapes are perfect for someone wanting to let natural light in while still being covered. As for the final touches, utilize the help of a landscape architect to incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors with a garden-like atmosphere. You can find some of our favorite outdoor accents here!

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