Interior Design

Interior Design Services

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN - The Creation of Ideas and Options.

The package designed for the DIY'er and the dreamer. If you are just getting started but would like professional guidance and a realistic picture of what can happen in your space, along with an estimated budget needed to begin, that is conceptual design.  

​DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - Taking the Ideas and Making it Happen.

Moving forward from the Conceptual Design phase,  Ai Studio will work with you to further tailor and develop the best option for your needs. All the details are worked out, resulting in specific materials, finishes, fixtures, and furnishings to complete the space. Design intent and installation is verified and coordinated  with contractors and industry professionals, ensuring the design will come to life.

​FULL SERVICE DESIGN- additions, remodels, and new construction 

For those of you taking on new construction projects, remodels, and additions. This package applies to the design, specification, documentation,  purchasing, procurement, installation coordination, and site observation needed with projects requiring the demolition and construction of several or all rooms in a house. Due to the many variables with projects like this, a set price can only be determined after a complimentary initial meeting. 


​A la carte pricing includes individual design services, for clients who only need specific areas of assistance for their rooms and homes. 

Contact us here for more details, pricing or to set up an initial complimentary consultation.