Plan Your… Perfect At-Home Lighting

Featured Lighting: Archer Table Lamp by Cyan Design

Lighting can truly make or break your home. Not only does it provide a sense of warmth and welcoming, but it has the ability to take your entire design to the next level. Properly lighting your home may seem like a no-brainer, but once you start laying out the particulars such as budget, style and function, there is a lot that goes into lighting design. Not to worry, we’ve laid out the most essential steps when it comes to planning your perfect at-home lighting!

Plan Your Budget

To avoid a setback when it comes to budget, determine the lighting you absolutely need and then move onto the other items you want to splurge on. Perhaps you have your heart set on that chandelier with a jaw-dropping wow factor, but understand you will need to be more conscious of cost in other areas of the home.

From the start, designating your needs versus wants is an essential step when it comes to budget! If you’re working with an interior designer, not only can they establish what will look best in your home, but they can also help balance your budget across all sectors of the lighting design. 

Establish Your Style

Featured Lighting: Vessel 1It Pendant by Cyan Design

Just as you would stick to a color scheme when decorating a space, you should consider the style and theme of the fixtures you’re wishing to install. Since lighting is such an integral component of creating the mood and tone of a space, find products that speak to you and the particular space. 

If you have a signature style, the lighting should follow suit! The pendant above, for example, is perfect for someone who loves bohemian style and features an oversized fixture made from hand-woven bamboo. If you are drawn toward modern decor, look for lighting fixtures that embrace clarity, geometric structures and sophistication!

First-Impression Lighting

Featured Lighting: Gerard Pendant by Cyan Design

We all want our guests to have an amazing first impression when they walk into any room, and lighting plays an important role in creating one that lasts. We love to pair a practical piece with something that creates a sense of warmth and charm, such as a striking pendant or chandelier that invites guests into your home. If your front entrance is long enough, add a pendant to give the hallway a bit of character. Just be mindful not to place the pendant too close to the door so you give it enough space to really be seen! 

Layer Lighting

Featured Lighting: Isotope Wall Decor by Cyan Design

The basic principle is to layer three types of lighting: ambient, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting creates general illumination and occupies a more functional role. As the first layer of home lighting, this can come from either natural sunlight or the lighting that substitutes for natural light. 

Accent lighting is where your real design style really comes to life. It’s often where decorative fixtures come into play, such as chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces or floor lamps. Task lighting also comes in many forms, providing focused lighting for workspaces throughout your home. Once all of these elements come together, the interior becomes a beautiful and cohesive space! 

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