Why We Love Modern Farmhouse

While the farmhouse style is not a new concept to the interior design world, modern farmhouse has gone beyond trend into one of the most sought after design and architecture aesthetics today. And we are loving it!

With Ai STUDiO’s own roots based in Denver, Colorado, it might be unsurprising to hear that we lean towards a design style that incorporates rustic charm with modern minimalism. Life in Colorado prioritizes a love for the mountains and a laid back attitude. And when we can’t get outdoors, we look for ways to bring the outdoors in. This way of life is at the core of the modern farmhouse style; a fresh energy brought into the home with natural elements, heritage and enjoyment through simplicity.

Below, we take a look at why we love modern farmhouse and how it can be incorporated into your project.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom
Photography by Michelle Gardner

Larger Than Life

While traditional farmhouses were initially built small with additions added as prosperity grew, modern farmhouses take on a larger than life approach. Huge windows allow homeowners to enjoy the lay of the land and natural light pouring in. Open kitchens, a nod to traditional farmhouse roots, keep the family together as meals are prepared. Exposed beams overhead acknowledge the importance wood played in farmhouse architecture. And antique decor presents a sense of culture and legacy.

Large center islands in a modern farmhouse kitchen have become very popular in recent years and fit seamlessly into the open kitchen layout. Exposed shelving is also a classic feature, especially when constructed of reclaimed wood.

We love the open aspect of farmhouse design because it allows the home to breathe. The grand windows also allow for fantastic views and a creation of a light and serene environment. Before considering larger elements though, be sure to survey the available space and consider the overall flow as well as lighting.

Modern Farmhouse Dining
Photography by Michelle Gardner

Natural Wood and Neutral Palettes

Natural is the name of the game here and integral to the modern farmhouse look. Weathered wood and reclaimed materials bring in texture and nature. When considering what type of wood to use, durability and strength come into play along with character in terms of knots and grain. Oak, maple and pine are often found in farmhouse homes, either as paneling or used in furniture pieces, such as dining and accent tables. All are strong durable woods that will last for years to come. When choosing a finish, think natural as well. A matte finish is key and distinctive grain patterns, marks, and textural variations all add to the overall character.

Metallic or industrial accents are becoming more popular as well, adding an industrial twist to modern farmhouse. Steel vents, metal hardware and even steel or metallic doors are common design additions. Remember, this style is all about balancing old and new, rustic with contemporary, natural organic shapes with clean lines.

Remember to use color sparingly. Traditional farmhouses were constructed quickly and efficiently, so natural or whitewashed walls were preferred for cost and speed of application. This tradition carried over to today’s farmhouse style, since white walls brighten a space and easily compliment hardwood floors and natural elements.

Other muted tones and neutrals can also be incorporated to convey a minimal yet chic look. We especially love white walls with black or dark trim to emphasize the oversized windows and doorways.

Modern Farmhouse Lower Level, Wet Bar
Photography by Michelle Gardner

Rustic Charm, Texture and Warmth

Texture plays an important role in any room, but especially in modern farmhouse style. Without a softer element, stark contemporary accents can easily overwhelm a space. These softer accents bring the warm feeling of comfort and relaxation that so many of us are looking for in our homes. Decorative artisan textiles like hand-knit blankets, wool rugs, and plush throw pillows are perfect for creating an inviting space while also adding depth.

Greenery is also a welcome texture and element in the farmhouse home. Plants and foliage instantly brighten a space and add a pop of color. It also pays homage to the original natural roots of the farmhouse style. Loose greenery as well as branches like eucalyptus and cotton are favored for this look.

Finally, incorporating antiques or heirloom items into your design ensures that personality, history and a story are infused in your home. A repurposed light fixture complete with Edison bulbs and rustic hardware is just one example of a fantastic conversation piece and central element to a farmhouse home.

We think it is so important to incorporate a story and human connection into a space. This is yet another reason why we love the Modern Farmhouse style. It is very easy to add a personal touch and history to the minimal and versatile canvas. However, while it is fun to play with textures, greenery and eclectic items, it is also important to remain consistent and weave these elements throughout the entire space.

Modern Farmhouse Study
Photography by Michelle Gardner

Overall, It is very clear that this comfortable and contemporary style is not going away any time soon. The farmhouse style has transcended decades and will continue to do so with the modern infusion of clean lines, texture and industrial elements. If you are interested in pursuing this look for your next home project, Ai STUDiO is happy to assist in finding the perfect pieces to compliment your vision.

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